Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BIOCON ORAL INSULIN - Qustions to Ponder

Questions to Ponder – Biocon Oral Insulin Future

If we are to believe the “placebo effect” explanation
1.        Is it not better for people to adopt lifestyle changes, rather than going for medications. In short Biocon’s Oral insulin is just as effective as life style modifications.

2.        Insulin is given to patients who have failed all oral medications and life style changes yield no benefit.  The data suggests that Biocon Oral insulin to was not studied in the right population.

3.        If the study was conducted in treatment na├»ve patients, than it seems that Biocon is not positioning its insulin in the right population. A physician would never prescribe insulin in the first stage of the disease as we would like to preserve insulin a treatment option who have failed to keep their sugar in control despite life style changes and oral medications ( Metformin, TZD, Sulfonylurea, DPP-IV)


  1. Dare say ( humbly) that your post betrays lack of understanding.I am also a pharma analyst and a Dr too and been in this field for 14 years.

    Placebo effect is so well known and it only underlies the human spirit.You should listen to conference call of 21st to understand how placebo effect lead to life style changes.Daily test results were shared with all including placebo who once they digested their low levels started vigourous life style changes to minimise impact.

    It is to be mentioned that company has been 200% transparant in entire process.

    1.It is known that life style changes help in dealing with diabetes.This is nothing new.

    2.IN105 was given in the trial along with metformin.The trial designed 3 years back . Target population was those with type 2 diabetes.You can get details from clinical trials india website.

    3.No not "naive" patients.Please study population from clinical trials web site.

  2. I would appreciate, if you can post your name and e-mail address. It would be very helpful for all the readers of this blog to enter into a productive dialogue.

  3. Placebo effect is not abnormal, and I subscribe to it. The drug does really work, but is not enough, which is important for any patient taking insulin.
    In a real world setting, patients who are taking insulin, have failed all lifestyle and diet modifications efforts and hence they have been pushed into a stage, where they have no other resort, but take insulin. Hence it sounds surprising that, why did patients on Biocon oral insulin responded to life style changes. Your views on this would be helpful

  4. The simple reason for the kind of data, we saw for Bicoon oral insulin is lower bioavailability. I just don't understand why Biocon simply is not accepting this fact and rather work on it.

  5. I fully subscribe to this logic

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