Friday, February 4, 2011

Aventis Pharma - Best Poised among MNC Pharma to succes in India

Fo an MNC to succeed in India, the ideal product portfolio should include diabetes drugs, vaccines and respiratory disease durgs. Aventis portfolio includes drugs which are global leaders in this class. For diabetes it is Lantus, Respiratory it is Allegra, and among vaccines they have polio, flu , pentafive and meningitis vaccines.
 Lantus is the largest diabetes product in the world.  The domestic market for the product is about 50 crores and growing at 35% annually. Lantu is all set to become, India;s largest brand. The profit margin is phenomenal. Although, this product has come under price control, but it profit margins are still strong. They have recently set up a plant in China, which makes them even more cost efficient.
Besides insulin, they have 5 other important brands in diabetes, of which two are again insulin, and hence limited compeition.

Aventis is the second largest vaccine company in the world, and their vaccine portfolio has products that specifically address the Indian market needs.  They have polio and flu vaccines, which have mass market sales. 
Leading chemotherapy brands, docetaxel and eloxatin are also from AVentis stable.

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