Friday, February 4, 2011

BIOCON ORAL INSULIN - Qustions to Ponder

Questions to Ponder – Biocon Oral Insulin Future

If we are to believe the “placebo effect” explanation
1.        Is it not better for people to adopt lifestyle changes, rather than going for medications. In short Biocon’s Oral insulin is just as effective as life style modifications.

2.        Insulin is given to patients who have failed all oral medications and when life style changes yield no benefit. So should we buy the rationale that lifestyle changest led to high placebo effect. 

3.        If the study was conducted in treatment na├»ve patients, than it seems that Biocon is not positioning its insulin in the right population. A physician would never prescribe insulin in the first stage of the disease as we would like to preserve insulin a treatment option who have failed to keep their sugar in control despite life style changes and oral medications ( Metformin, TZD, Sulfonylurea, DPP-IV)

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