Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Atorvastatin generic opportunity likely to be squeezed considerably

We are observing an unusual trend, as branded Lipitor prescriptions are gaining strongly prior to the patent expiry, which otherwise are expected to decline.. The latest  NRx  prescription trends shows Lipitor prescription up by 14% on a YoY basis, while otherwise for the last five years post Zocor patent expiry, Lipitor prescription volumes have declined consistently

The push in prescription volume is perhaps driven by Pfizer's strategy of discounting Copays to generic levels and if Pfizer continues to do so aggressively,  the generic players would be in deep trouble. The generic opportunity whch otherwise was close to $800m in sales, would be cut to some meager value. 

Discounting copays to generic level is  a mockery of the Hatch Waxman 180-days exclusivity law and Ranbaxy should really think twice, if it should pay the hefty fine to the USFDA??????

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