Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Atorvastatin Generics to be in the market soon

Whether or not it is Ranbaxy, but atorvastatin generics will be in the market, early december as per the announcement of a a leading VIPPS-accredited, retail mail-order pharmacy.  
Lipitor was a pre -MMA case and hence no other generic player can launch atorvastatin generics, until Ranbaxy launches, with an exception that FDA invokes its application integrity policy against Ranbaxy, which as per publicly available information hasn't happened. So I believe it is a good time to go out and buy Ranbaxy. 
The other good news is that a lot of  wholesalers realize that Pfizer's strategy to retain Lipitor market share post expiry ( discounting copays and discounts to them on price) is against their long term interest and hence would chose to dispense atorvastatin generics, despite the copays being similar.

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