Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trends in Lipitor generics prescription - An early sign of caution for Indian generic players and Investors too?

Will the US govt interfere to protect its long term interest?

It has been around two weeks since Ranbaxy launched generic Lipitor  and they have just grabbed a 1% share of prescriptions. Does this mark the death of Indian generic players in the US. Pfizer strategy to discount copays to generic levels is  nothing but a mockery at the Hatch Waxman act.  ( Read Atorvastatin generic opportunity to be squeezed ). The prescription trends suggest 85% market share for branded Lipitor, 14% for authorized generics and a pity 1% for Ranbaxy/Teva.  There is an overwhelming trend among retail pharmacies to refill Lipitor prescriptions with branded Lipitor only as there is no cost benefit for either the user or the payor.

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