Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 to turnaround Ranbaxy fortunes

Incremental Income from FTF opportunities for Ranbaxy in 2012

Crestor generics in Canada($350m) -  $70m 

Lipitor Generics ($11b) - $350m

Actos Generics ($3b) - $75m

Diovan -($6b) -  $250m

Provigil ($1b) -$30m

Solodyn - $30m

TOTAL - $800m 

Besides these FTF opportunities, there is a strong likelihood of  Ranbaxy getting a supply contract for  supply of API's for Nexium/Prilosec to AstraZeneca ($8b in global sales) 

Please refer below for details

Ranbaxy to launch Crestor generics in Canada by 2012 - A potential $70m upside in Net income in 2012, while other FTF opportunities remain intact

Post Approval - The Lipitor Equation for Ranbaxy

Buy Ranbaxy, Likely to get Nexium/Prilosec API/formulation supply contract - 2012 and onwards



  1. where did u get the sales fig from :- for eg Diovan -($6b) , the sales nos are $2.5B

    same with lipitor $11B ??, its not more than $5.3 B.

    appreciate your comments

  2. Those are WW sales number, but don't worry the calculations are based on the US sales figures

  3. why havent u included profit numbers for sale of generics for caduet, solodyn , avalide etc . Is Ranbaxy not the FTF on these drugs.

    also with Tricor its an open playing field with Teva forfeting its FTF exclusivity.

    appreciate if you can also include in these opportunities for incremental income.

  4. Thanks for reminding about Caduet..
    Solodyn may not add much.. Tricor is a nanoformulation and there is a possibility that Ranbaxy may not get an approval (manufacturing track record). But if it does, it is another $100m opportunity...
    What is your good name?

  5. Yup Tricor and Caduet are as well great opportunities. How can I miss them? Looks like a billion dolllar incremental net income.. I have heard that Impax is not going to launch Tricor. So it might be just Ranbaxy and lupin.

  6. Tricor may not come in time, as there is a settlement, which should delay generic entry. The delay may be six month or even more.