Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 to turnaround Ranbaxy fortunes

Incremental Income from FTF opportunities for Ranbaxy in 2012

Crestor generics in Canada($350m) -  $70m 

Lipitor Generics ($11b) - $350m

Actos Generics ($3b) - $75m

Diovan -($6b) -  $250m

Provigil ($1b) -$30m

Solodyn - $30m

TOTAL - $800m 

Besides these FTF opportunities, there is a strong likelihood of  Ranbaxy getting a supply contract for  supply of API's for Nexium/Prilosec to AstraZeneca ($8b in global sales) 

Please refer below for details

Ranbaxy to launch Crestor generics in Canada by 2012 - A potential $70m upside in Net income in 2012, while other FTF opportunities remain intact

Post Approval - The Lipitor Equation for Ranbaxy

Buy Ranbaxy, Likely to get Nexium/Prilosec API/formulation supply contract - 2012 and onwards