Thursday, March 1, 2012

ADACTA Study Shows Data - Actemra (toclizumab) found superior to Humira (Adalimumab)

The ADACTA study comparing RoActemra to Humira  head to head as monotherapy in patients  intolerant to methotrexate announced data today.  Patients taking RoActemra achieved a  significantly greater reduction in disease activity (DAS28) after 24 weeks. Statistical significance was also achieved on the key secondary endpoints – DAS 28 remission, ACR20, 50 and 70 score.

On the safety front, overall adverse events were comparable, but the difference in number of serious adverse events is yet to be ascertained.

The data would give Roche access to 33% of the patient population on biologic agents, as about One in every three patients on a biologic medicine in found intolerant to methotrexate.

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