Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Generic prescription in Japan rising above expectations

Dispensing pharmacies in Japan are all rattled by the sudden spurt in generic prescriptions.  This is a new trend and the pharmacies are very confused in handling this gush. According to Sapporo City, a dispensing pharma, the increase in generic dispensing is about 20% on a year over year basis. The growth is primarily driven by private practitioners, who have become more aggressive.

It seems the added incentives provided for generic prescribing as per the recent medical fee revison, seems to be working better than expectations as there is a sudden surge in the generic prescriptions. The coinciding of the added incentives for generic prescribing with so many patent expires is probably that has helped this traction in generic uptake.  As per the the revision in incentives,  Doctors can now claim two points per prescription in which generic name prescriptions are included.

Surprised by the sudden increases, the Tokyo Pharmaceutical Association issued a warning to its affiliated pharmacies on April 3 out of concern over possible dispensing errors amid unfamiliarity among doctors and pharmacists with generic name prescriptions. In case of brand names where both immediate release and controlled versions are available, while the clinican the TPA has specifically asked to inquire about

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  1. Nadya Takuma •

    I'm also feeling the change here in my local community. GPs around me have started to issue generic name prescriptions. Since doctors are notorious for not remembering generic names of drugs they prescribe, they now seem to have the help of a software that converts brand names into generic names if generics are available. Also, the prescription sheets themselves promotes generic switches to patients, in large letters now that senior citizens can clearly read. Plus, there are economic incentives to both doctors and pharmacies. Everyone involved needs the extra yens nowadays, so no wonder.