Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Japan Pharma Update - Daiichi Sankyo Indian Subsidiary launches a new Malaria drug, and will sell globally

Daiichi Sankyo's Indian subsidiary Ranbaxy has launched a new drug in India for the treatment of Malaria - This indeginious Malaria drug will be launched globally and is as effective as the current gold standard treatment. The drug will be launched under the brand Synriam.

The drug would be manufactured at Ranbaxy's Goa plant, and could be taken without dietary restrictions. Unlike the one's already on the market, the raw material for the drug is synthetically made which will allow the company to address supply concerns. At present, malaria drugs are based on artemisinin, which is derived from plants. India has to depend on imports of the raw material and there are volatilities in prices and supply.

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