Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GSK to acquire Cellzome

GSK, which currently owns a 19.98 percent equity interest in Cellzome, will assume full control of the company.  The deal values Cellzome at $124m, while GSK would pay $99m to acquire the remaining 80% stake.  Cellzome is a leader in the development and advancement of proteomics technologies, which can used in screening to selectivity profiling of compounds in different cells and also in patient samples. The technologies that Cellzome has developed differ from other traditional methods used in early drug discovery by assessing drug interactions with target proteins in a setting which more closely represents that found in a whole biological system. This allows scientists the opportunity to observe how candidate drugs affect both intended and non-desired targets in a close-to-physiological environment and may pinpoint potential safety issues earlier in the process.  
This is the third platform technology acquisition since 2007 and highlights the company’s growing expertise in the scientific platforms upon which new medicines are discovered, developed and readied for manufacture. In 2007, GSK acquired two platform technology companies -- Domantis Ltd, a leader in developing the next generation of antibody therapies, and Praecis, a Massachusetts-based company that created novel therapeutic programs and an innovative chemical-synthesis and screening technology.  

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