Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Safety Findings from CATT study bodes well for Lucentis and Eylea

Two year results from the CATT study, adds to the existing body of evidence on the superior safety profile of Lucentis over Avastin. Avastin which is used as an off-label treatment has 50% market share in AMD treatment. As per the findings from the study, Avastin use was associated with a 30% higher risk of serious adverse events. (p=0.004).  There were higher number of arteriothrombotic events, systemic hemorrhage, CHF, Vascular death , hypertension and venous thrombotic events with Avastin treated patients.
These findings are discouraging and are likely to make ophtalmologists tread on the path of caution.We expect Lucentis and Eylea to increase their market share in AMD, while Avastin use would constrict.

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