Monday, May 7, 2012

SOM230 - The new standard of care in Acromegaly

Novartis today announced Phase 3 data from head to head trial comparing SOM230 (pasireotide) LAR to Sandostatin LAR met its primary endpoint. 31.3 % of the patients on SOM230 experience full control
of their disease (defined as the combination of both GH <2.5µg/L and age- and sex-matched normalized IGF-1 levels) as compared to 19.2% on Sandostatin LAR.  SOM230 was associated with a higher number of hyperglycemia events.

In another 6-month  extension study, in which patients who did not achieve full biochemical control were allowed to switch to other treatments. After 6 months of switching to new treatment, 21% of those who switched to SOM230 attained full control as compred to 2.6% of those who switched to Sandostatin LAR.

SOM230 is approved for Cushing Disease

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