Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taisho - Luseogliflozin / TS-071 - Solid Efficacy

At ADA 2012, we saw a host of new data in SGLT2 space, while canagliflozin has taken the limelight, but there are follow on compounds which as well appears to be more effective. Taisho TS-071 or luseogliflozin is one of those and  in a Phase 2 dose ranging study, TS-071 / luseogliflozin demonstrated HbA1C reduction of 0.65% which infact is better than that demonstrated by canagliflozin. There were no events of hypoglycemia in the study.  TS-71 led a to a body weight reduction of 1.8kg ( or 3% of total body weight), which is as well comparable to existing agents.  On the safety front 5% of patients on the 2.5mg and 5mg dose had pollakiuria (increase in urine output), but this was mild in severity.
Luseogliflozin efficacy is impressive and may be a meaningful player in the SGLT2 space

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