Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exenatide Franchise - Bydureon takes up 27% NRx share

It is now five months since launch, and Bydureon now takes up 27% of the new prescriptions that are written for the exenatide franchise. We would see the transformation of Byetta to Bydureon gathering pace, as 
  1. Physicians gain more experience, once
  2.  BMY and AZN take control of Amylin - BMY and AZN have now a full portfolio of new generation 
  3. the new prefilled pen version for Bydureon is launched in 2013
Because of being the only GLP-1 to have been allowed for use as a monotherapy, Byetta, may  retain its prescriptions to that extent, which in our veiw is negligible percentage of its current use.

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