Friday, July 13, 2012

Venus Remedies launches Taxedol - An improved version of Innovator Docetaxel

Venus remedies in India has launched a nanotechnology based ready to use single vial of docetaxel, which is supposed to have lesser impurities than the innovator version and also superior efficacy and safety.  Being premixed there would be no need for reconstitution, hence offering enhanced convenience and safety to para-medical staff and the patients.

The novel formulation of docetaxel has a 11% higher cancer killing potential as compared to existing docetaxel. Venus is also marketing "Doxol"  a generic version of innovator docetaxel, and has recently received European market authorization for launch in Portugal. Other products in Venus portfolio include Bortezomib, pemetrexed, paclitaxel and gemcitabine.

The market is very competitive as there are a host of other companies selling Docetaxel in India include Cipla, Cytomed, Reddy, Samarth Pharma, Sun, Panacea, Dabur, Gland, Feron, Alkem, Wockhardt and Glenmark

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