Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ANVISA allows OTC drugs on pharmacy shelves

Since February 2010, and Until now OTC drugs were not allowed to be kept within reach of consumers at pharmacy shelves by ANVISA, but the resolution has been rolled back, owing to pressures from lawsuit and findings from survey that the measure  has not been able to reach its goal. As a result of this resolution, the drug users had to spend more during this period.
OTC segment also known as MIPS in Brazil, represents about 30% of all medicinal products marketed in the country.  Companies focused on over-the-counter products are  in negotiation with Anvisa for the inclusion of new therapeutic classes in the segment. Pain killers, herbal products and topical medications (like ointment, for example) are included, while negotiations are underway to bring antacids, antiemetics (combat nausea), antifungal, antihistamines (allergy-fighting), antiseptics, decongestants and expectorants also under the OTC category.

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