Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Statins linked to Cataracts

Waterloo Eye Study includes almost 6500 patients

The analysis included 6397 patients with and without diabetes. As the researchers note, diabetes is a risk factor for the development of cataracts, leading the group to analyze the prevalence of cataracts among patients with diabetes taking statins (n=452) and the prevalence among those taking statins but without diabetes (n=5884). The mean age of patients with diabetes was 14 years older than those without diabetes and included a slightly higher proportion of female subjects. The prevalence of statin use in patients 38 years of age and older was 56% for those with type 2 diabetes and 16% for those without diabetes.
In the study, known as the Waterloo Eye Study, diabetes was associated with an 86% higher risk of developing cataracts (odds ratio [OR] 1.86; 95% CI 1.34-2.59) across the lifespan after researchers controlled for multiple variables, including age, female sex, smoking, and blood pressure. A diagnosis of diabetes was also associated with an increased risk of different subtypes of cataracts: an 84% greater risk of nuclear sclerosis, a 38% higher risk of cortical cataract, and a 52% rise in posterior subcapsular cataract
Statin use was also associated with a significantly increased risk of developing age-related cataracts (OR 1.57; 95% CI 1.15-2.13) and some subtypes, including a 48% higher risk of nuclear sclerosis and a 48% rise in posterior subcapsular cataract but no increased risk of cortical cataract.
In an analysis of cataract prevalence among patients with and without diabetes taking statins, Machan and colleagues found that the prevalence of cataract increased at a faster rate in patients with diabetes who used statins. "Similar prevalence levels were seen in patients with diabetes who did not use statins and in patients without diabetes who did use statins," according to the researchers. "The prevalence of cataract increased at the slowest rate in patients without diabetes who did not use statins."

Heartwire and Machan CM, Hrynchak PK, Irving EL. Age-related cataract is associated with type diabetes and statin use. Optom Vis Sci 2012; 89:1165-1171.

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  1. This is so alarming. So many health problems caused by statins. I think those concern health expert should provide a good evidence and let FDA knows about it. In that way, they can change their mind and not allow statins to be sold in the market.