Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pulmagen grants Japanese rights to Teijin for its asthma drug

Pulmagen therapeutics granted rights to Teijin pharma for development and commercialization in Japan for ADC3680. The drug is being developed for asthma.  ADC3680 acts by a novel anti-inflammatory mechanism that inhibits the binding of a key inflammatory mediator, PGD2, to its receptor,
CRTh2. When bound to CRTh2, PGD2 activates inflammatory cells in the airway and exacerbates pulmonary inflammation. By antagonizing binding, ADC3680 helps to reduce pulmonary inflammation and thus improve overall asthma control.

Other compound in Pulmagen therapeutics development portfolio includes ADC4022. ADC4022 a low dose inhaled theophylline/inhaled corticosteroid combination product that is designed to restore steroid responsiveness in COPD and severe asthma and thus to provide an effective anti-inflammatory therapy for these diseases.  A 4 week Phase IIa study has generated positive proof of concept data for this approach and 3 month studies to extend these initial promising findings are being planned

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