Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EASD - LY2409021 (Glucagon Receptor Antagonist) shows postive data

Patients aged 18-70 with T2DM ( HbA1c 6.5%-10% ) na├»ve to anti diabetic medications or taking a stable metformin dose were randomized to LY2409021  10 mg (n=17), 30 mg (n=34), 60 mg (n=26), or placebo (n=10) once a day for 12 weeks. LY2409021 is a Glucagon Receptor Antagonist.

At 12 weeks, HbA1c least-squares mean change from baseline showed all LY2409021 dosages improved glycemic control .  Increases in aminotransferases were evident at higher doses without elevated bilirubin or other signs or symptoms of liver injury.

Redcuction in HbA1C from baseline
LY2409021  10 mg   - 0.83%

LY2409021  10 mg   -0.66%

LY2409021  10 mg - 0.65%

Placebo - 0.11%

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