Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ajinomoto Co. establishes Joint Venture for manufacturing and sales of cell culture media used for production of biologic drugs

Ajinomoto Co., Inc has formed a joint venture with Korea based Genexine Co., Ltd. The joint venture company will  manufacture cell culture media used for the production of biopharmaceuticals. The production will commence in the 1st half of our fiscal year 2014. Ajinomoto will have a 75% stake, while Genexine will have a 25% stake in the JV.  The initial capital deployed in the JV would be
35,700 million Korean Won (approx. JPY 2,500 million)

Ajinomoto Co, launched the first serum free medium as Ajinomoto Serum Free (ASF) medium in 1987 utilizing the proprietary fermentation and amino acids technology. ASF medium is a high quality, high specification and unique culture medium suitable for various types of cells.

In line with the growth of demand for biopharmaceutical products, the market for cell culture media is also expanding rapidly, especially in the Asian market. By establishing a new GMP manufacturing facility for cell culture media in South Korea, which is the largest target market in Asia, to supplement the existing supply of cell culture medium, Ajinomoto Co. will be able to ensure the stable supply of serum free medium for the future, and satisfy the growing demand of cell culture media. 

Genexine Co is a biotechnology company specialized in long acting antibody fusion protein therapeutics utilizing their cutting edge platform technology. Ajinomoto Co has been developing new formulations of cell culture medium for biopharmaceutical manufacturing together with Genexine Co since March 2011. 

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