Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tata Capital Invests in Sterile drug company Marck Bioscience

Tata Capital Healthcare Fund to invest close to $10m in Marck Bioscience. Marck is a sterile formulation manufacturing and marketing company based out of Ahmedabad with annual revenues close to $30million (INR 140 Crores) . This is the second round of funding that Marck has raised. Prior to this Marck has received investment from IFCI Venture Capital Fund.  The other major companies in the sterile space in India include Strides, Claris and Parenteral Drugs.

Marck manufacture sterile products which include Intravenous Infusions (I.V. Fluids), Injectable, Sterile Water for Injections, Ophthalmic Irrigation solutions, Respiratory Products.

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