Monday, February 25, 2013

ABRAXANE® Approved for Additional Indications of Gastric Cancer and Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in Japan

Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo, President: Masayuki Kobayashi) announced today that an antitumor agent "ABRAXANE® I.V. Infusion 100 mg" [paclitaxel injection (Suspension with Albumin), launched on September 24, 2010] received approval by the MHLW for the additional indications of gastric cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.
ABRAXANE® was approved for breast cancer on January 2005 in the United States and on July 2010 in Japan. As of February 2013, it is approved in metastatic breast cancer among 42 countries including the United States and European countries. It is the first time ABRAXANE® has been approved for the indication of gastric cancer based on Japanese clinical data, and the second for non-small cell lung cancer following the United States from the result of global phase 3 study.

Taiho Pharmaceutical believes ABRAXANE® will make a major contribution to both patients and medical personnel and remains committed to providing pertinent information about this drug.

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