Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ajinomoto Genexine to Invest JPY 2.8 Billion to Build New Plant for Cell Culture Media for Biopharmaceutical Production in Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea

Ajinomoto Genexine Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Ajinomoto and  Genexine Co., Ltd. of South Korea, will invest approximately KRW 35.0 billion (approximately JPY 2.8 billion) to construct a new
plant in the Incheon Free Economic Zone(IFEZ) in South Korea for cell culture media for biopharmaceutical production. The new plant is scheduled to begin full-scale operation in July 2014. Ajinomoto owns 75 percent equity interest in the JV.
Sophisticated technology is required because the quality of the cell culture media has an impact on the productivity and quality of biopharmaceuticals. Ajinomoto Genexine will supply cell culture media that meet the high level of quality required by introducing Ajinomoto Group technologies and state-of-the-art equipment and establishing a cGMP complied quality control and quality assurance system at the plant.
In line with the growth of the biopharmaceutical market, demand for cell culture media used in the production of biopharmaceuticals is also expanding. The size of the world market for cell culture media is estimated to be JPY 100 billion, and demand is expected to grow rapidly in Asia. By establishing a new plant for cell culture media in South Korea, a major market for these products, Ajinomoto Genexine will be the first company in South Korea to manufacture custom cell culture media and offer fast service at customer sites. In addition, Ajinomoto Genexine will supply products globally in cooperation with other Ajinomoto Group companies that are global suppliers of amino acids, a key component of cell culture media.
The Ajinomoto Group is pursuing business development in cutting-edge biomedicine as strategic theme, and has positioned the establishment of the new plant as part of that strategy as it works to strengthen the foundation of its cell culture media business. 

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