Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Denmark emphasizing Independent drug Research and Testing to cut Drug spending

According to Ms Astman, chairman of the Danish regions Health committee, there should be an independent research and testing of medicinal effect. According to him pharma manufacturers are not as
interested in determining how new drugs new drugs are performing against current treatment, as it is easier to produce good results if  new drugs are tested against no treatment.

The  danish regions health committee has decided to establish an independent research fund. The decision was taken at a board meeting in the Danish Regions on 1st February 2013. The inital amount of fund that has been allocated to the  pool is 80 million. DKK. The results will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and the system would be accordingly refined.

Which drugs would be researched first to determine Comparative Effectiveness

A technical working group will evaluate the settings from  Council for the Use of Animals Hospital Medicine ( RADS) before research pool steering committee, which will consist of directors from the regions, makes the final decision on the projects to be supported.Ms. Astman believes that the which drugs to be researched first will have to be prioritized. But obviously those drugs which are most expensive and used in large scale would be targeted first.  Expensive drugs targeted for chronic disease may also be the initial ones to be targeted.
The regions will first receive options for research in autumn 2013

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