Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ranbaxy set for more troubles - Atorvastatin recall triggers consumer lawsuits

A class action lawsuit has been filed in federal court against the Indian drug manufacturer Ranbaxy after it recalled its generic version of Lipitor when it was discovered to contain glass fragments.  The federal lawsuit alleges that 
1) Ranbaxy has not done enough to warn consumers about the dangers of the glass fragments in the recalled Lipitor equivalent  
2)  It also seeks a refund and damages payments for anyone who got the recalled drug,
3) fines that would prevent Ranbaxy from profiting from the recalled products, 
4) an injunction against future sales of Ranbaxy generic atorvastin and punitive damages.

The consumers have sought a preliminary injunction in a district court of New Jersey in late January, alleging that many of those patients who consumed Ranbaxy's generic Lipitor have suffered health problems such as pain, bleeding and digestive problems. They cited the cases of four patients

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