Friday, March 29, 2013

Dr. Reddy launches Isotretinoin in the US - The fifth generic player in a $500m market

Competition is getting intense in the acne treatment market as Dr. Reddy will now be a fifth player vying for a share of generic isotretinoin pie. The market is about $500m in size and other players include Mylan, Teva, Douglas and Ranbaxy. Ranbaxy which as well launched recently under the brand name Absorica has an advantage over competitors. Unlike other generic copies of isotretinoin, Absorica need not be necessarily consumed in conjunction with a high fat meal. Current generic Isotretinoin products have an estimated 70% variability in absorption depending on dietary intake causing inconsistency in dose a major issue when dealing with teenagers. CIP-Isotretinoin or Absorica is based on the oral Lidose drug delivery system whihc facilitates a precise, consistent, and uniform dosage delivery with an absorption characteristic consistent with or without food. Compared to traditional generic Isotretinoin.
Cip-Isotretinoin offers more consistent absorption day-in and day-out over the course of a typical 3- to 5-month treatment period.

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