Monday, March 25, 2013

Shionogi Receives Marketing and Manufacturing Approval of a Drug for Lipodystrophy, "M ETRELEPTIN for Subcutaneous Injection

 Shionogi & Co., Ltd. today announced thatit received marketingand manufacturing approval of recombinant human leptin, "METRELEPTIN for subcutaneous injection 11.25 mg 'SHIONOGI'"
(generic name: metreleptin) for lipodystrophy on March 25,2013 in Japan. Metreleptin was 
in-licensed by Shionogi from US-based AmylinPharmaceuticals, LLC., a subsidiary
of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company currently. 
Lipodystrophy is a rare and life-threatening disorder characterized by a lack of the
subcutaneous fat tissue required for normal metabolic function, and is highly correlated to
metabolic abnormalities such as severe diabetes, hypertriglyceridemia and fatty liver disease

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