Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brazil Drug Price - A survey by Procon SP suggests major differences in generic drug and brand drug prices

 Based on a research  conducted by Fundação Procon-SP, an agency of the Department of Justice and Consumer Citizenship in pharmacies in the capital city of Brazil.  Procon-SP compared the average prices of generics with reference to the same presentation and  it was found that, on average, generic drugs are 54.68% cheaper than the reference.
Even among the different generic option for the same reference brand, it was possible to detect differences as high as 1129.21%. A case in point is the drug Paracetamol, 200 mg / ml, 15 ml drops, cost BRL 0.89 in a setting and in another, BRL. $ 10.94. Difference of BRL 10.05 in absolute value.
As to the reference input the greatest difference was 280.03%. GSK's brand drug Amoxil (Amoxicillin), 500 mg, 21 cápsules, was found at a property in the capital city for the price of BRL14.67 and another for BRL  55.75. Difference of BRL 41.08 in absolute value.
The survey, conducted in April, involved 15 drugstores, distributed among five regions of São Paulo, where they were surveyed 58 medicines, 29 and 29 generic reference. (Complete results of the survey at the end of the release).
The average price of generics in comparison to the reference in the counties, had the biggest difference, 57.03%, detected in São José dos Campos. The smallest difference was found in Presidente Prudente, 44.46%.

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