Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finland based Biohit healthcare establishes a Joint Venture in China with AnnAnhui Wisdom-Win Investment Co., Ltd.

Finland based healthcare company Biohit Oyj will be setting up a Joint Venture in China with Anhui Wisdom-Win Investment Co., Ltd. The Joint Venture company will be named Biohit Biotech (Hefei) Co., Ltd., located in the city of Hefei in Anhui province, China.

 The objective of the Joint Venture is to manufacture and sell high quality GastroPanel kits to the Chinese market area. Apart from China, recently Biohit has also collaborated for sales and distribution in Gemany with IBL International.

GastroPanel is a non-invasive blood test that reliably identifies both healthy and unhealthy stomachs as well as helps to prioritize patients for further examination.
GastroPanel® is a first line diagnostic test for dyspeptic patients. It is a non-invasive blood test, risk free and user friendly laboratory test.

GastroPanel gives information on the structure and function of the stomach mucosa, and of the risks caused by a possible abnormal mucosa. Based on the GastroPanel results, it is possible to get information to support the diagnosis of:
  • Healthy stomach mucosa
  • Functional and organic dyspepsia (when GastroPanel results indicate a healthy stomach mucosa, the cause of stomach problems is often functional dyspepsia or a disease outside the stomach).
  • Atrophic gastritis (damaged stomach mucosa that is severly dysfunctional) and likelihoods of the conditions specifically in the corpus and antrum areas of the stomach (normal, gastritis or atrophic gastritis).
  • Helicobacter pylori infection.
  • Achlorhydria of the stomach (anacidic stomach).
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