Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Genor Biopharma and BIOCND partner to develop Biosimilar copies of Humira and Herceptin

Genor Biopharma Co. Ltd and BIOCND Inc, a Korean biotech company, have partnered to develop two mAb biosimilars for international markets.  According to the signed agreement, Genor Biopharma licensed out to BIOCND the South Asia, Southeast and Northeast Asia (except Greater China), and Russia right of GB232 (a Adalimumab biosimilar), and ROW (except Greater China, Japan, the United States, and Europe) right of GB221 (a Trastuzumab biosimilar).

BIOCND will be responsible for international clinical development and registration for these two products. The deal allows Genor Biopharma’s to simultaneously explore international emerging markets in parallel with China development.

As for GB221, phase I clinical study was successfully completed in Australia in 2012 and phase III international IND application will be submitted in early 2014.

Humira® generated worldwide annual sales of nearly 10 billion USD in 2012. The Korean sales of Humira® in 2012 was 35 million USD (36.1 billion KRW) based on IMS data. The sales of Humira® and Herceptin® in pharmerging markets is predicted to be about 1 billion USD in 2015, respectively. Herceptin had generted approximately $6 billion in annual sales in 2012. China sales of Herceptin in 2012 exceeded 700 RMB (over 100 million USD).

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