Monday, July 8, 2013

Alembic Pharma Stock Price surges 20 percent in one week

There are no specific announcements that has come from Alembic Pharma in last week, but the stock price has surged about 20 percent. It seems that the reason of investor enthusiasm is the recently published annual report, which carries several interesting updates:

1)  Alembic has doubled its API basket
2) The company has filed seven Para IV including three FTF applications and one 505(b)(2) filing in the 12 months leading to the close of 2012-13
3) The company plans to commercialize 8-10 products in the US annually for the next three years. Assuming $3million in annual sales per ANDA, we expect the company to generate about $90m in incremental sales from the new launches over the next five years.
4) Alembic has set up in the Europe an office for filing of Market Authorizations aross european nations.
5) The company has significantly extended its therapeutic coverage through the launch of three new divisions in four years (Orthopedic, Ophthalmology and Dermatology).

In 2012-13, Alembic has also launched a NME desvenlafaxine base, which is expected to show up in the numbers in FY-2013.  With the formulary listing encouraging, Alembic should be able to impress investors in 2013-14.

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