Monday, July 1, 2013

Alembic / Ranbaxy Desvenlafaxine base sales should now catch up in the US

Alembic / Ranbaxy should now be able to push sales from their desvenlafaxine base launch in the US, as it has been recently allowed reimbursement under a number of insurance plan. Among the prominent formulary listing that it has gained includes a tier 2 status on Aetna Medicare formulary plan.  Alembic has priced desvenlafaxine base at a 30 percent discount to the brand name.  The daily cost of  Alembic's desvenlafaxine base tablets works out at $4.06 as against $5.8 for Pristiq.  

Alembic's Desvenlafaxine has been granted tier 2 status on Aetna, as against Tier 4 for Pfizer's Pristiq. Unlike Pristiq which is  available as Step therapy, there is no such requirement / limits on availability of Alembic's Desvenlafaxine base tablets.. For a drug that is approved as a step therapy, it will only be reimbursed, if a patient has not responded to particular alternate treatments.

Aetna sells health insurance to over 35.3 million people in the United States, making it the third largest national healthcare provider.

Among the other formularies where desvenlafaxine is listed include Emblex Heatlh, Physician Insurance corporation (Tier 3),  Indiana University Health

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