Monday, July 15, 2013

Luqa Pharmaceuticals to commercialize BMG Pharma’s products in China & Hong Kong

BMG Pharma S.r.l and Luqa Pharmaceuticals have entered into a commercialization alliance. Luqa qill register and commercialize BMG’s products in China and Hong Kong. BMG products which Luqa will register and commercialize include innovative dermatology , oral care and Cancer Support Therapy products.

The products to be commercialized by Luqa include IaluXid, a unique, non-antibiotic, combination gel formulation treating skin infections; GelX and GelX Xero, innovations in supportive care preventing and treating Oral Mucositis and Xerostomia; and Aftacure, treating aphthous ulcers and mouth lesions.. These products have been developed to address major unmet needs for patients and physicians in the evolving China market. Luqa expects to launch this family of products directly from late 2015 onwards.

About Luqa Pharmaceuticals
Luqa Pharmaceuticals is a China-based company that acquires, develops and commercializes innovative healthcare products suited to the needs of China. Luqa’s innovative product portfolio is designed to meet the needs of patients, healthcare institutions and physicians in the rapidly changing healthcare market of China. Luqa’s focus is on its products, identifying and investing in assets that will become leading and recognized brands in the therapeutic and channel niches they operate.
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About BMG Pharma S.r.l
BMG Pharma S.r.l. is an Italian Specialty Pharmaceutical Company leveraging its proprietary technology to develop products that address unmet needs of patients. The Company is currently focused on cancer supportive care, dermatology, gynecology, ENT and oral health. BMG Pharma S.r.l. is dedicated to helping patients, pharmacists and physicians by providing valuable and innovative products to the market.

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