Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sandoz strengthens its leading position in biosimilar space - Zarzio sales surpasses both its reference products Neupogen and Granocyte in terms of sales volume in Europe

Novartis presented its 2Q-2013 earnings results today. Sandoz continued to strengthen its leading position globally in biosimilars (USD 101 million, +19% cc), achieving its first quarter ever of over USD 100 million in sales.

Sandoz achieved Strong double-digit sales growth  (+19% constant currency). Growth was driven by momentum in its three in-market products – Omnitrope (human growth hormone), Binocrit (epoetin alfa) and Zarzio (filgrastim) – each of which is the leading biosimilar in its respective market segment.

Zarzio becomes the most prescribed G-CSF product in Europe

Zarzio became the first biosimilar to surpass both its reference product (Neupogen®) and market leader (Granocyte®) in sales volume in Europe and is now the most prescribed daily G-CSF product in Europe and the number one biosimilar daily G-CSF globally.

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