Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shionogi in deal with Concordia Pharmaceuticals for its pediatric products

Shionogi Inc. has entered into an agreement with Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Concordia Healthcare Inc. Under the agreement CPI will acquire the rights to three Shionogi products, Kapvay™, Orapred ODT® and Orapred® OS, and will get an exclusive license the rights to another product, Ulesfia®. Shionogi will also provide transition services to CPI as part of this agreement.

According to John Keller, Ph.D., Shionogi Inc. President and CEO, this agreement will reinforce the company’s strategic focus in the areas of women’s health and pain. “We are delighted to reach this agreement with CPI and believe there are clear benefits for both companies. This allows us to focus our resources on those products that are strategically core to us, and on the progression of our development pipeline.” Shionogi Inc. received FDA approval in February for Osphena™ (ospemifene), a first in class drug indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe dyspareunia (painful intercourse), a symptom of vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA), due to menopause

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