Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Axxess Pharma Inc to Acquire Canadian OTC Healthcare Company

Axxess Pharma Inc a specialty pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements company, today announced an Agreement in Principle to acquire a leading Canadian OTC healthcare company. Upon completion of the acquisition, the company will bring current sales and a valuable IP portfolio to Axxess Pharma. 

The Canadian Corporation, based in Toronto, has an attractive IP portfolio including a best-selling, patented, OTC pain relief formula. The company also has a number of unique formulas and world class brand products that Axxess Pharma will be able to immediately leverage, with existing distribution. 

The company will also bring a number of experienced executives to Axxess Pharma to assist in growing sales across North America, and online. Dr. Bagi, President of Axxess Pharma Inc. stated, "We anticipate completing the final agreement within 30 days. This acquisition will facilitate access to capital and generate a rapid ramp-up of sales. We anticipate major revenue growth in the near term with this aquisition."

About Axxess Pharma Inc.:
Axxess Pharma Inc. is a Nevada Corporation operating through its wholly-owned Canadian Subsidiary: Axxess Pharma Canada Inc., headquartered in Toronto. Axxess is a specialty Health Care Products Company dedicated to improving health and quality of life by offering select medicines, nutritional supplements and over the counter remedies all across the Americas. Axxess's goal is to bring additional products to the market and provide new, innovative options for better health spanning areas such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, acute pain, - to optimal health management through improved nutritional supplements.

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