Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sell Ranbaxy And Buy AstraZeneca: Good Chance Nexium Generic Launch Delayed

  • Ranbaxy launch of generic copies of Nexium may be delayed by about 6 months or more.
  • Incremental Profits for Ranbaxy from Nexium generics will be much lower than anticipated because of the delay.
  • Even if they launch it timely, I expect profits to be about 50 percent lower than expectations.
  • AstraZeneca currently accounts for a Nexium generic entry in its annual guidance for FY-14 will benefit and revise its guidance upwards.
Ranbaxy (OTC:RBXZF) stock is up 30 percent from the new lows it created last month. This time the rally is in expectation of superlative gains from launch of......

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