Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tata Motors - Jaguar Land rover UK sales for October 2014 decline despite a robust growth in the overall car sales in UK

Jaguar Land Rover Sales in UK for the month of October declined 1.7 percent. The decline was primarily driven by a dip in Land rover sales. Land rover sales which comprise bulk of JLR sales declined almost 7 percent. Jaguar sales were up 19 percent from 944 units to 1127. Land rover sales declined from 3965 to 3695 units.

The dip is JLR sales is disappointing as new car sales in UK  were 14.2% higher in October than a year earlier. 179,714 vehicles were registered in UK in the month of October.The Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, and Vauxhall Corsa were the top three bestselling models in October and the year so far. The UK auto manufacturer association is expecting car sales to jump 8.1% over the year as a whole to 2.45m, underpinned by cheap finance deals and a better-than-expected economic backdrop, with unemployment falling faster and consumer confidence at higher levels

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