Saturday, January 30, 2016

Drug Pricing In The U.S. Under Pressure From Multiple Fronts - Is It Time To Stay Away From Pharma?

The US has always been the darling of global pharma innovators as they have been able to fetch premium pricing for their novel drugs. Most drugs sold in the US are sold at a significant premium to the prices they fetch in other developed markets like Germany, UK, Japan etc. To give you a few examples:
  1. Crestor (treatment for dyslipidemia) is priced for $86 per month in the US as compared to just $40 in Germany and $28 in Japan
  2. Lantus, which costs around $186 for a month long treatment in the US, is available for $64 in Japan and $60 in Germany.
There are many more examples but I will stop here and move ahead.
The US has always left it to the market for efficient pricing of drugs, but despite that it remains the most expensive market in the world today. However, lately with.. Read More

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