Friday, January 1, 2016

ITCA-650 Poised For Leadership In Type 2 Diabetes: Implications For Merck And Novo Nordisk

ITCA-650 should reach the market in 2017 and has the potential to change competitive dynamics in type 2 diabetes space. ITCA-650 will replace Novo Nordisk’s Victoza as the market leader in GLP-1 class and has the potential to double the share of GLP-1’s in diabetes market.  Potential Losers should be novel oral anti diabetic agents (primarily Januvia) and existing GLP-1’s (primarily Victoza) on the market.


ITCA-650 a novel GLP-1 based medical device / drug that is expected to bring a disruptive change in competitive dynamics in type 2 diabetes market. ITCA-650 is first of its kind device that offers unparalleled convenience (once a year) to diabetes patients and at the same time providing comparable efficacy as other marketed GLP-1's on the market. When compared to most other marketed anti diabetic treatments GLP-1's as a class offer superior clinical benefits (better glycemic control, weight loss, no hypoglycemia) but despite this their use is limited as they have to be injected. Unlike marketed GLP-1's ITCA-650 is not an injection but an implant that provides consistent and continuous treatment for patients till one year. Thus patients get the same clinical benefit as other GLP-1's without the pain of daily / weekly injections.
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