Transaction Advisory

Private Equity Fund Raising
We can help small and mid-size companies looking to raise equity capital for their business in various ways. We are well connected with the Private equity investors and help companies raise equity funds. We also help companies prepare their Investment memorandum that should help them best showcase their inherent business potential to prospective clients.

Deal Structuring
The most challenging aspect of raising capital is ensuring that promoters are not leaving too much on the table for the investor and even vice versa. Striking the right balance is most important in ensuring that long term prospects of the promoters in the company are protected and they are able to equally and fairly participate in the potential upside  that is  but not always predictable.  Companies can rely on us for our advise in deal structuring.

Valuation Advisory
Small biotech companies, which are unprofitable and are looking to raise equity funds would need a third party independent appraisal of their developmental projects / drug candidates.  We have a bottom’s up approach to valuing such early stage companies. We value such companies by developing a thorough market model that leverages our expertise to interpret clinical data and diligent competitive benchmarking.

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